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Category: Physical Therapy Modalities / Tools

The Low Down on Foam Rollers

Written By Jill Sippos, MPT on May 29, 2018

 The Low Down on Foam Rollers- Why are they so popular?             Interestingly, foam rollers are not new.  They have been around since the early 1920’s; however, at that time, foam rollers were used as balancing tools.  In 1987, a physical therapist,... Read More

Using Ultrasound in Physical Therapy

Written By Emily Decker, PTA on May 15, 2018

When we think about ultrasound, the most common image that comes to mind is an ultrasound to view a baby within its mother’s belly.  Ultrasound is also a commonly used modality in physical therapy, and the purpose is not strictly... Read More

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