AlterG and Rehab/Acute Injuries

For athletes, runners, and people who follow an active lifestyle, injuries are a common occurrence. And for these people, it is critical to recover quickly so that they can continue to participate in the activity or sport that makes them happy. In addition to taking care, adding an anti-gravity treadmill such as the AlterG can make a great deal of difference.

The AlterG is a one-of-kind treadmill designed to defy gravity by maintaining a differential air pressure, thereby allowing you to control the gravitational pull. The treadmill assists you in achieving a certain level of weightlessness to ensure your injuries are shielded against excessive joint or muscle wear and tear. When it comes to the rehabilitation advantages of the AlterG, you can expect the following:

  • Reduces time lost as a result of training
  • Retains fitness while rehabbing
  • Enhances bone density measures without full loading
  • Reduces joint pain and stress
  • Enables you to monitor workouts owing to mechanical compensation and fatigue

People who respond well to AlterG may have ligament sprains, shin splints, bone stress injuries, plantar fasciitis, and larbal disruptions. Be careful about using the AlterG if you are someone who has hamstring strains, patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), and Achilles heel.

Controlled Aggression

The anti-gravity AlterG Treadmill is excellent for athletic and running performance enhancement. You can play around with volume and/or speed when it comes to running or sprinting in challenging conditions such as intense humidity – making your workout mentally challenging.

The AlterG treadmill was FDA-approved for functional rehabilitation post surgery or post-injury (especially the knee, hip, foot or ankle). In addition to that, it has also been cleared for aerobic conditioning, sports-related training, strength and conditioning for senior patients, reducing recurring and stress-related injuries, weight management and reduction, post-surgical rehab, athletic conditioning, impact training, as well as gait training.

This is because the light pressure puts less strain on the joints and at the same time yields the same aerobic outcome. The treadmill is also excellent for athletes and runners recovering from injury and looking to develop strength and fitness, recover their mobility, and increase natural movement.

If you are planning to start a focused running program with AlterG, take into account the following tips:

  • Incorporate the 5 bio-motor systems in a weekly or bi-weekly plan - power, flexibility, endurance, general strength and coordination.
  • Do not change over one stimulus at a given time: body weight, intensity, and volume.
  • Monitor yourself closely, because you might have a tendency to push yourself if you feel well.
  • Ensure you are well-aware in running training stimuli: paces, fartleks, tempos, etc.

All in all, the AlterG is an excellent solution and an ideal training buddy that is designed to help runners and other patients return to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible, while stopping a repetitive injury cycle.